About Between the Blossoms

About Between the Blossoms. A farm and Studio in the Adirondacks.

Welcome to Between the Blossoms! Here you will find food and lifestyle photography, art and illustration, gardening, in addition to lots of craftiness! Nestled in the Adirondack mountains, I’ll be sharing tidbits from the farm!

Inspired by the flowering trees and gardens surrounding me, I hope to share the joys and sometimes the challenges of a life well lived.  I love to share what I’ve created from my studio!  Learn sewing tips, dream in the garden with me, and see a life in the country through the lens of my camera!  I also love to go antiquing!  The thrill of the hunt, so to speak, is when you hit the flea market early and find the perfect treasure.  Let’s adventure together!

I believe in the preservation of our farms and forests. They are what give us life!  In addition, I see so much wonderful beauty in the historical places.  I find the colonial homes of Connecticut particularly beautiful.  So much history! If those walls could talk, could you imagine what they would say?

The story of how my website got its name: I am a huge fan of Wallace Nutting. His nostalgic writings and photography are awe inspiring.  He has a beautiful photograph, probably taken around the turn of the century, named “Between the Blossoms”.  It is featured in his ‘Connecticut Beautiful’ book and is of apple trees in full bloom.  When I saw the title, it spoke to my soul!  So thank you, Wallace Nutting, for leading me to the perfect name!

Finally, thank you for stopping by today!  If you’d like to see more of my work, you can find me on here: BetweentheBlossoms and LostintheValleyPhoto . My photography website can be found here: Lost in the Valley Photography. You can also follow me on Instagram at @betweentheblossoms and @lostinthevalleyphoto.

Have a most wonderful day and may you find your own blossoms to cherish!

A still life of spring tulip blossoms.
Posed Tulips

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