Sunday Spring Flowers and a Short Post

spring lilac flowers
Lovely lilacs and bokeh

Look at the Flowers!

This week has gone by in a flash and I’ve found myself unprepared for today’s weekly blog post!  I had grand ideas of starting a sewing project and sharing it with you all!  But!  I ended up spring cleaning in the studio instead!  I literally had to dust off the sewing machine and thought that I might as well start from the bottom up!  Rearranging started to happen next.  Then, it turned into an all consuming project!  Throw some workdays in there to break it up and there you have it….no sewing project started.  What else?  Oh yeah!  Spring is exploding out there!  So there’s been time outs in between work and home to grab the camera and seek out the flowers!  

Apple blossoms in an orchard.
A New England Apple Orchard in Spring.

Go Outside!

I’ve decided that instead of worrying about all the details of this blog post and the spring cleaning that I’ve started, that I will go out and enjoy the small window of time that we have before the next rainstorm.  I leave you with these little springtime gems of apple blossoms, lilacs, and narcissus flowers.  I hope they inspire you to got out and take in the landscape! There’s always next week for that ever exciting longer blog post!  Until then, try not to let this busy time of year sweep you away!  We do what we can! 🙂

Spring narcissus flower
An heirloom Poets Daffodil.

See You Next Week!

Have a fantastic week!  Go forth and seek out the pretty!  May you get the all consuming spark of creativity!

Some words of inspiration from the poem “The Road Home” by Mildred Hobbs:

“With bees amid the blossoms gay

I dreamed and wandered through the day

Till all was strange and white.

The little road, so still, so sweet,

With young, fresh grasses at my feet,

Was touched with mystic light.

I hear a bluebird’s evening call,

And sleepy squirrels in the wall-

oh, it is loveliest of all

Between the day and night!”

Here’s a link to last week’s blog post, just in case you missed it!: 10 Inspirational Quotes

Between the Blossoms