Spring Bursts Forward and Easter Greetings!

A nest with Easter eggs and tulips for spring.
A spring nest full of eggs and adorned with tulips.

Spring has Sprung!

It’s finally arrived!  Spring!  All of the goodness that one can expect from this time of year has come forth with a wave of warm air and blossoms ready to burst open!! Being filled with the joy of the season, I took to my new studio space to create some still life photographs inspired by the freshness in the air and the Easter holiday. Bouquets of flowers, farm fresh eggs, and collections of rustic tidbits provided plenty fodder for the imagination!

Easter eggs, nest, and tulips.
A nest of Easter eggs and an old teapot of tulips.

Farm Fresh

Living on a farm, I tend to gravitate towards all things rustic!  As a result, the things that I collect tend to have a certain ‘character’ to them.  They’re never perfect and yet they are!  If you have the farmhouse style bug, you know what I mean! This collection of photos is a perfect example of what I’m talking about! The teapot might have a chip, but it still holds tulips!  The old camera doesn’t work, but it looks great arranged on a shelf!  These little eclectic things seem to work together in perfect harmony!

Purple roses, vintage enamelware, and an antique rosary.
Lilac roses lay on rusted enamelware next to my Grandmother’s rosary beads.


Skeleton keys and pink roses lay on an antique doily.
Pink roses lay on an antique lace doily next to a pile of skeleton keys.


An old barn windowsill holds pink roses.
Pink roses lay on an old barn windowsill.

Still Life Photography

I love the way still life photography seems to capture a fleeting moment in time.  Even if the whole scene has been staged, it is as if we get a glimpse into a beautiful world that finds a moment to savor. A little nugget in time captured forever on camera or in print!  The flowers will fade, but the print will live on!

White dianthus hang on an old barn wall.
White dianthus, A.K.A. Carnations, hang on an old wooden wall in the studio.


Still life photography of rustic objects inspired by spring!
Spring takes over a rustic still life photograph!

Happy Easter!

Final thoughts:  Happy Easter to you all!  May your day be filled with love and happiness!  Also, Happy Spring!  I hope you go out into the budding world and take in all the beauty that you can!


Between the Blossoms