Adventures at the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show

Phalaenopsis Orchid from the New York Botanical Gardens.
One of the many lovely Phalaenopsis Orchids, in lilac, that greets you upon entrance.

The Excitement of Orchids

    I missed last week’s blog post, because I was out and about on a most wonderful orchid adventure!  I met up with friends and went to the “Orchids of Thailand” show at the New York Botanical Gardens.  After getting off of the train & taking a brisk walk through the city, the botanical gardens were a much welcome sight.  As we approached the greenhouses, a sense of excitement settled in, because we knew that our eyes and our souls were in for a treat!!  On the exterior, these Greenhouses are beautiful on their own, but the real treat is the treasure tucked inside of their seemingly delicate glass panes.

Upon entering, you are greeted by a beautiful display of orchids balanced on the backs of large mossed elephants by a reflecting pool.  A large glass dome above streams in bright light that is filtered through the leaves of towering palm trees.  Urns filled with Phalaenopsis “Moth” orchids, in every imaginable color, decorate the entrances.  In addition to the moth orchids, several varieties of Brassia, Miltonia, Dendrobium, and Oncidium orchids are tucked away among the trees.  The warm and sweet smelling air immediately lifted our winter weary spirits!

Elephants and orchids and the New York Botanical Gardens
A mossed elephant carries an array of colorful orchids.


Greenhouse at the New York Botanical Gardens
A  glass dome in the entrance greenhouse of the New York Botanical Gardens lets in the warm sunlight.

A Walk in Orchid Paradise

After thoroughly enjoying the entrance greenhouse, we ventured onward through the many other tropical filled glasshouses.  Nearly every room had orchids in it to some degree.  We walked through tropical trees and climbed a stairwell to look down on the paradise before us.  The journey continued among vines and plants into a sitting room complete with a fountain.  Water lilies, Hoya, Passiflora, Vanda Orchids, and a huge Strongylodon (Jade) vine surrounded us.  From there we went onto ferns and various other flora that were a joy in every sense of the word.  A warm tropical room housed Brugmansia (Angel’s Trumpet), delicate flowers, begonias, and many other leafy delights.  After a short walk through a tunnel we found ourselves in the dry and hot environment of the desert.  Many cacti and succulents showed off their dangerous, but beautiful, shapes.

Another room brought us back into the world of tropics with Mitriostigma and Gardenia, much to the delight of our noses! Phragmipedium and Paphiopedilum, A.K.A. Lady Slipper Orchids, started to pop up.  A bird of paradise peeked its head out from behind rigid leaves.  We found ourselves lingering for a while at each turn.

A bird of paradise at the New York Botanical Gardens
An orange and blue Bird of Paradise looks regal tucked in amongst the leaves.
Leaves of a palm tree.
Light filters through the leaves of a palm tree.
Tropical flowers at the NY botanical gardens.
Tropical oddities were a feast for the eyes!
A fountain at the New York Botanical gardens
A fountain creates a relaxing atmosphere in the sitting room.
Tropical stems at the NY botanical gardens.
Tropical stems seem like something out of a watercolor painting.
Fern fronds under the tropical trees.
Many different types of fern fronds can be found growing under the tall tropical trees.
The spikes of a cactus.
Cactus spikes.
Cactus at the NY botanical gardens.
A line of Cacti along the glass in the desert house.
The texture of a palm stem.
A palm stem creates a lovely texture to behold.

The Grand Finale

The grand finale was very grand indeed! Passing through the final doors, we discovered what we had been waiting for.  Crossing that threshold brought us into a massive display of diverse orchids! It was a greenhouse that seemed to be bursting at the seams with blooms!  There were orchids in trees, in urns, and in large flower beds.  Most Noteworthy was a large double sided wall of orchids!  Truly a fantastic way to end the tour of such a beautiful place.

A colorful wall of orchids at the MY botanical gardens.
A colorful and impressive wall of orchids.
Green orchids at the NY botanical gardens.
Luminescent Cymbidium Orchids in a lovely shade of green.
Spider orchids at the NY botanical gardens.
Spider Orchids seem to dance among the foliage.
Orchids on display at the NY botanical gardens.
These orchids were lovely with dark maroon and white tones.
Orchid reflections at the NY Botanical gardens.
These orchids reflect beautifully.
Lady slipper orchids at the NY botanical gardens.
The lady slipper orchids were the stars of the show.
A plum colored lady slipper orchid.
A plum colored lady slipper orchid was beautiful to behold.
A lady slipper orchid at the New York Botanical Gardens.
This turned out to be our favorite lady slipper orchid from the show.
A pink orchid on display at the show.
A lovely pink orchid.
An orange orchid.
An orange Brassolaeliocattleya orchid seems like it is glowing in the sunlight.
A wall of phalaenopsis orchids.
Another side of the large wall of orchids on display in the main greenhouse.
Spotted moth orchids at the NY botanical gardens.
A gorgeous grouping of spotted “moth” orchids.

What a day!

In conclusion, we lucked out not only on the weather, which was a gorgeous sunny day, but also on the crowds!  We practically had the place to ourselves, which was a fantastic surprise.  This orchid show is going on until April 9th, so there’s not much time left to catch it!  If you can get out to see it, I highly recommend that you do!  With our cameras filled with photographs and our spirits uplifted, we headed back home in the chilly outdoors.  It is a memory that will leave a lasting impression in my brain.  I already can’t wait to see it again next year!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by today!!  I always love to see your kind words in the comment section!  Follow me on Instagram to see what projects I’m up to or just enjoy the many photos of blossoms that I post!  Have a fantastic day!!

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