Nature Inspiration When Spring Arrives Late

A tidbit of Nature, this hemlock pinecone basks in the sunshine.
Hemlock Pinecone with Light and Shadows.

Nature Walk

It always happens this time of year. The anticipation of spring consumes those of us who are in the Northeast.  Winter just doesn’t seem to want to let go and we are so ready for it to let go!  There comes a point, however, that spring can no longer be denied and that point is now!  Things still look pretty brown up here in the North Country, but if we look hard enough, nature provides plenty of inspiration!  I had the pleasure recently of taking a walk with a friend through the forest.  Little bits of nature provided joy and sparked the imagination!

Winter berries and moss.
Red berries creep along a bed of moss.

It’s the Little Things

The landscape as a whole is not too exciting yet.  There are no green leaves bursting forth and no apple blossoms to greet us.  The spring bulbs are starting to make an appearance, but here in the Adirondacks, they are still far from bloom.  So we look to the tidbits that nature provides to keep up our spirits!  There’s a whole world to get lost in just gazing at a lush bed of moss!

Fungi mushrooms on a fallen log.
Fungi provide a visual texture along a fallen tree.

Visual Textures

Hidden in the microcosms of the forest are a visual feast of textures, colors, and life!  Taking the time to discover and ponder these little vignettes is quite rewarding.  Soon, our attention will be taken away from them as we get distracted by greenery and bright flora in the much bigger picture that is spring, so now is the time to enjoy them!

A brook rushes through the forest.
A Rushing Forest Brook

Don’t forget the Sounds!

When venturing out into the forest, it’s important to not forget to take in the sounds around you!  The swoosh of a breeze through the boughs of a hemlock tree, the rush of water over tumbling rocks in a brook, and the songs of birds all provide the greatest inspiration for your soul!

In conclusion, just get out there!  If the day seems a bit chilly, the weather a tad unwelcoming, or your mood a bit gloomy, know that once you start to walk and observe all of that will melt away!  Your spirit will be lifted to the sights and sounds and you will come back from your walk ready to create!  Cheers!!

Between the Blossoms