DIY: How to Make a No Sew Vintage Inspired Pincushion

A vintage pincushion inspires your own DIY project.
The Original Pincushion that Inspired this DIY Project.

A fun DIY Pincushion Project

I have a thing for vintage items and antiques.  It seems like everything from ‘back in the day’ was well made and beautifully designed.  Even something completely utilitarian, like a pincushion, was decorated.  And why shouldn’t it be?  It would serve us all well if we surrounded ourselves with beauty.  Something simple like a cheery pincushion could make a task a little bit better or perhaps provide some inspiration!  We all need more inspiration in our lives, don’t we?

The supplies and tools needed to make a vintage inspired pincushion
Supplies for Making a Vintage Inspired Pincushion

 What You’ll Need for this Project.

It’s a pretty simple project and you won’t need much to make something fabulous!  Here’s the list:

  • Two standard sized metal mason jar rings.  Wide mouth will work just fine too, it would just be bigger!
  • A hot glue gun & glue sticks.  You can experiment with other fast-drying glues if you are not comfortable with hot glue.
  • A marking pen/pencil.
  • Scissors. Oh, yes, I do write “cloth only” on my scissors, because goodness help the soul who dares to use them for paper! (Fabric peeps know what I’m talking about! Ha!)
  •  Fabric scraps.  You really don’t need much fabric at all!  I used a lovely vintage floral barkcloth for this project.
  • About 10″ of ribbon or gimp (more if you use wide mouth rings). I used a fun vintage cotton floral ribbon.
  • A handful of polyfill or stuffing of your choice.
  • A doo-dad! Anything really! Mini silk flowers, old buttons, a small brooch, even an old clip on earring can be re-purposed!  I used a vintage button & glued a small ruffle around it for an extra something.
Measuring your circle for your DIY vintage inspired pincushion.
Measuring for your Pincushion.

Getting Started

First, plug in your glue gun so that it’s ready to go when you need it!  Measure your fabric by simply placing the mason jar ring over the piece of fabric that you would like to use.  Trace out approximately 1/4″ away from the ring with your marking pen/pencil.  Once you’ve cut out your first circle, use it as the template for your second circle.

Hot gluing the fabric to the inside of the mason jar rim.
Hot Glueing the Fabric to the Inside of the Rim.

Once you have your two fabric circles, align them inside the mason jar rings.  The fabric should come up the side of the ring a bit.  Grab your glue gun and place the glue on the inside of the ring, being careful that the glue does not spill to the front.  Place your fabric on the glue as you go along.  Be mindful of not burning yourself! Remember that the heat will transfer quickly through the metal, so watch those fingers!

Two fabric covered rings to be put together in the vintage inspired pincushion project.
The Two Rings Prepared for Stuffing!

Putting it All Together!

Now that your two rings are prepared, it’s time to assemble them!  This part can be tricky, but with patience, it all works out!  Put a small amount of polyfill (or the stuffing of your choice) into the center of one of the rings.  Next, place the other ring on top and align them.  You’ll have to add more stuffing so get a firm grip in one hand and open them slightly, like a clamshell (see photo below).  Stuff as much filling as possible in there without it bursting through the sides.  Once you’re satisfied, close up the gap and keep that firm grip!  You can trim up any stray fibers that may be sticking out at this point.

Filling the two halves with stuffing for your DIY vintage inspired pincushion.
Holding the Two Rings Firmly, like a Clamshell, Stuff with Polyfill.


Glue the rings together to finish the DIY vintage inspired pincushion.
Spread the Glue Along the Sides of the Rings.

Grab your ribbon and the glue gun. Spread the glue along the sides, while at the same time placing your ribbon over it.  I like to fold over the raw edge of the end of the ribbon to prevent fraying and to give it finished look.  Voila!  You’re almost finished!

Decorate your Pincushion with fancy embellishments.
Now it’s Time to Decorate!

The Fun Part!

Now it’s time to decorate! Grab your Grandma’s buttons! Use those rhinestones you don’t know what to do with!  Silk flowers! Whatever embellishments you want! Glue it on there to make your pincushion shine!  Some of you might have noticed that the ribbon is different on mine from the first set of photos to the finished product.  Well, I decided that the original ribbon I had picked out didn’t look right.  And that’s what is so awesome about crafting! Don’t like it? It didn’t work like you thought it would?  Change it up! Use your imagination and don’t be afraid of failure!

A finished vintage inspired pincushion DIY project.
The Finished Product!

Here is an example of one I did that is closer to the original:

An alternative version of the vintage inspired pincushion project.
Vintage Inspired Pincushion.

 I used vintage dark green velvet, small silk flowers, and gimp trim.  I show you this to be inspired to let your imagination run wild!  Stick to the original or make it funky!  It’s up to you!

Three pincushions.
Three Diverse Pincushions, One Design!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope this little project inspires you to get crafty!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the project in the comments!

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Now go out and make something beautiful!

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